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Jack Kornfield

“This is a magical book. Like the Nutra-Grow we put on our plants to help them bloom, these practices really make Joy and Wisdom grow! What a wonderful nurturance for our children. “ —Jack Kornfield, PhD, The Wise Heart

Dr. Rick Hanson

“This beautiful book goes straight to the heart, so rich with simple, powerful, practical things that children and adults can do to grow real and lasting resilience, compassion, and joy inside themselves.”—Rick Hanson, PhD, Hardwiring Happiness and Just One Thing

Kellie Edwards

“A treasure-trove of ideas to appeal to all styles of learner, this resource will help parents and teachers support children everywhere to ‘enjoy being who they are and let their natural joy shine through’. In an environment of increased anxiety and mental unrest in children, this is a much-needed offering.”—Kellie Edwards, Psychologist, Mindfulness4Mothers Radio and Blog, Australia  

Lienhard Valentin

“This book is a wonderful treasure trove for all adults who live or work with children! It will not only bring joy but also harmony, well-being, mindfulness, and compassion into families and help give them a solid ground to cope with the challenges of the life they will grow into.”—Lienhard Valentin, Founder/Director of Germany’s Growing with Children Program